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If you’re told you need extensive dental work getting a second opinion is a good idea. At Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon in Mount Vernon, Ohio, dentists Chris Martin, DDS, Judy Peng, DDS, and the team regularly provide second opinions to people of all ages. After an exam and a series of digital X-rays, your dentist can confirm the original prognosis or recommend a different course of treatment. Call the office today, request a second dental opinion, or book online.

What is a second opinion?

If you have relatively healthy teeth and gums and go out of your way to practice good oral hygiene, you might be shocked if your dentist says you need a root canal or extractions. That’s especially true if you aren’t experiencing symptoms such as tooth pain, increased sensitivity, or difficulty chewing. 

Consider requesting a second opinion at Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon if you find yourself in this situation. A reputable dentist won’t be offended if you decide to confirm your diagnosis somewhere else. In fact, doing so can help you determine the best course of treatment.

In what types of situations should I consider a second opinion?

Dentists disagree on various topics, but there are three situations in particular that warrant a second opinion, including:

Wisdom teeth removal

The wisdom teeth are located at the very back of your mouth and break through the gum line during your late teens or early twenties. Some dentists recommend extracting wisdom teeth no matter what, while others suggest a “wait and watch” approach. A second opinion can determine the next best steps if you’ve been told you need wisdom tooth extractions.


No two dentists treat cavities the same way. If you’ve been told you need a filling, a dental crown, or an extraction, it’s good to get a second opinion first. Often, there are less invasive treatments available that can preserve your permanent tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry

Most cosmetic dental procedures are elective, so they aren’t covered by dental insurance. Therefore, it’s important to take a strategic approach. If you’re on a budget, a second opinion can alert you to more affordable treatment options that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

What happens during a second opinion appointment?

At Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon, a second opinion appointment begins with a review of your dental records and a discussion of the reasons for your visit, including the type of treatment your original dentist prescribed and why you have concerns.

Next, your provider completes an oral exam and takes a series of digital X-rays. After the exam, your provider reviews their findings, compares them with your original diagnosis, and explains the available treatment options.

Call Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon today to request a dental second opinion or click the online booking feature.

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