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Crowns and Bridges services offered in Mount Vernon, OH

Dental crowns and bridges help create a healthy smile when you have damaged or missing teeth. Chris Martin, DDS, Judy Peng, DDS, and the experienced providers at Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon in Mount Vernon, Ohio, offer these restorations to maximize your oral health and prevent complications that interfere with the beauty and function of your smile. Call the office today to set up an appointment, or use the online tool to book your appointment.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic teeth that complete your smile. 

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are porcelain caps that cover a damaged tooth or dental implant. These permanent restorations are sturdy and long-lasting. 

Dental bridges

Dental bridges fill in a gap left by a missing tooth. The bridge comprises a prosthetic tooth adhered to two crowns placed on natural teeth surrounding the gap. 

What are the benefits of dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns protect vulnerable teeth, and bridges fill in gaps in your smile.

You might need a dental crown to: 

  • Protect a chipped or cracked tooth from fracture
  • Restore the look of a permanently discolored tooth
  • Cover an implant
  • Replace a filling
  • Cover a tooth with a large filling
  • Protect a tooth that’s had a root canal

Crowns also serve as anchors for bridges. When a bridge fills in the space left by a missing tooth, it prevents the shifting of natural teeth into these gaps. Bridges and crowns help maintain your smile’s natural alignment and preserve your speaking and chewing ability. 

What is the process of getting dental crowns and bridges?

Plan on at least two appointments to get your crown or bridge. At your first appointment, your dentist prepares the tooth by shaving down a small amount of the enamel. They then take an impression to send to a lab to create the restorations. 

You’re sent home with a temporary crown to protect your tooth. 

Once your restorations are complete, you return to the office to have them cemented. Your dentist uses a biocompatible dental adhesive to place the crowns and, if needed, bridge. They then refine your bite, so you go home with a natural-looking and feeling smile.

How do I care for dental crowns and bridges?

In the 24-48 hours after your appointment, avoid eating sticky, chewy, or hard foods. This gives the crowns and bridges a chance to set. It’s normal to have discomfort and sensitivity for a week or two.  

Caring for dental crowns and bridges is easy. Brush them twice daily and floss regularly, just like your natural teeth. 

If you notice any problems with your bite or sharp edges, return to the office so one of the dentists can refine the surface of your crown or bridge.

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